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we can’t predict the future, but we can prepare for it

Invest in you and your families complete peace of mind with long-lasting nutritious emergency food.

High energy bar enriched compact bars 


Whether you’re looking at an introductory pack or investing in our value multipacks and kits, we have something for everybody and every situation.


A great introduction to Survive Mode with our perfectly packaged emergency food bars packed full of flavour along with the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to survive.


A handy combination of all our flavours (Chocolate, Peanut and Multi-Vitamin) allowing you to store your products where you think you’ll need them most.


The ultimate kits for Survive Mode styled preparedness, peace of mind and long serving enriched compact foods with a shelf-life of 20 years.


Survive Mode is the ultimate survival food kit for your moments of crisis. Our aim is to provide full peace of mind for you and your family for the moment you need to access a healthy, nutritious and energy packed food source – you’ll always have Survive Mode.

With an extensive shelf-life that never diminishes the quality of the product – users across the globe use Survive Mode in a variety of ways. Simply place a pack in your car for the inevitable moment you’re stuck on a motorway for hours with an infant. Hikers have fed back that they’ve found it useful to throw a bar in their secret backpack compartment and leave it there for years until the moment they truly needed it. Plus, of course, in an ever-increasingly volatile world, being prepared for the unexpected in terms of food shortages and rationing – Survive Mode will always be there for you.

A whole lot of tasty goodness packed into our easy to store products that have proved popular with extreme sport stars, the hiking community, adventurists and, of course, families across the globe.

Survive Mode – here when you need us most.

So, what are the benefits?

A 20 Year Life Span

Our products last for an incredible 20 years, making them the ideal food for survival and peace of mind. Simply invest in the products you desire, store them in a safe place and relax knowing you have immediate access when you need it most.

Providing Essential Nutrients

Replenishing your body with vital nutrients and vitamins your bodies need to survive.

Easy Storage

Our compact products are made to be simply stored at room temperature in a cool dry place

Three Flavours

Because our products are created for survival and long-lasting life, sometimes the beautiful flavours get overlooked which include chocolate, peanut and original multivitamin flavoured products.

The world has woken up to the need for being prepared for all eventualities. We’re proud to be able to offer a simple and affordable investment that will afford you complete peace of mind.” Ben McIlroy – Founder


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Preparation & Peace of Mind

We love hearing your stories of how you use our products which range from cyclists, campers, adventurists and military – amongst many others. Plus, those of you who simply store our products in a safe place for when you need Survive Mode the most. However you use it, thank you for choosing Survive Mode.











Each pack of Survive Mode contains two high energy bars, which are chocolate, peanut or original multivitamin flavoured.

Suitable for vegetarians – one Survive Mode bar registers as a complete meal, providing all the nutrients and vitamins your body needs to survive.


Survive Mode high energy bars can last for an incredible 20 years (if stored as per our guidelines) making them the ideal food for survival and peace of mind.

The bars do not need to be refrigerated – simply store them at room temperature in a cool dry place. In an ever-changing world, these bars provide the safety net you’ve been looking for. Whether you place them in a cupboard at home, in the boot of the car or your adventure back-pack, you’re investing in preparing for a moment that you hope will never happen, but if it does – we are there for you.


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