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30 bars

£2.50 per bar

Shelf Life
The packaged high energy compact food bar exceeds almost all other enriched compact foods as it has a shelf-life of 20 years.

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High energy bar of Ingredients and nutritional information

Multivitamin ingredients and nutritional information
wheat flour,palm oil,sugar, maltooligosaccharide,whole milk powder,glucose syrup,water,salt, complex minerals(C22H32O2, cholecalciferol,vitamin B1,vitamin B2,vitamin B6,niacin),food additive (sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, butyl hydroxy anisole)

Peanut and chocolate ingredients and nutritional information
wheat flour, vegetable oil (palm), sugar, glucose syrup, water, salt, raising agent:sodium bicarbonate, flavoring extracts.

Example: 1 x multivitamin 1x peanut 1 x chocolate will provide 1729kcal

We follow the guidelines outlined by the RSPO – the global standards for sustainable palm oil.