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Shelf Life
The packaged high energy compact food bar exceeds almost all other enriched compact foods as it has a shelf-life of 20 years.

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High energy bar of Ingredients and nutritional information

Chocolate flavor and peanut flavor - 120g
Ingredients: WHEAT flour, vegetable oil(palm), sugar, glucose syrup, water, salt, raisingagent:sodium carbonate, flavoring extracts.

Ingredients content: wheat flour 71.4g , 60% ;vegetable oil(palm) 20.4g, 17%,sugar19.2g16% ,glucose syrup 4.8g 4% ,water 4.2g 3.5% ,salt 0.001g,raising agent:sodiumcarbonate0.003g, flavoring extracts. 0.04g

Mult vitimin - 125g
Ingredients:wheat flour,palm oil,sugar,maltooligosaccharide,whole milk powder,glucosesyrup,water,salt,complex minerals(C22H32O2,cholecalciferol,vitamin B1,vitamin B2,vitaminB6,niacin),food additive (sodium bicarbonate, citric acid,butyl hydroxy anisole)

Ingredients content:wheat flour 60g 48%,vegetable oil(palm) 22.5g 18%,sugar 15g12%,maltooligosaccharide 3.75g 3.1% ,whole milk powder 6.25g 5%,glucose syrup 10g8%,water7.5g 6% ,salt 0.001g,complex minerals(C22H32O2,cholecalciferol,vitamin B1,vitaminB2,vitaminB6,niacin) 389.14mg,food additives (sodium bicarbonate, citric acid,butyl hydroxy anisole) 0.004g.

The bar is in the form of a rectangular shape that promotes efficient packing. Survive Mode does not use artificial colours in any of their products. Your kit comes with equal-sized bars, each centrally scored to allow breaking into two parts.

The high energy food bar is a compressed, rigid product of essentially uniform composition. It is packaged in such a way that the kits consist of 360 packets each packet containing 2 bars, each bar scored to yield two equal portions.

Odor and Flavor
The regular flavour of enriched compact foods is slightly sweet with blended cereal flavor from the base ingredients. However, the Survive Mode energy bar comes in three different flavours. You can choose between peanut, chocolate, and the original multivitamin flavour, or buy them all to get a variety.

The texture of the bars is large enough to make a porridge-like product when dispersed in water, but not small enough to resemble milk (as that is the international recommendation). The Survive Mode high energy compact food bar is made sufficiently firm and resilient to withstand delivery via various modes of transportation that are used during an emergency (air, land, and sea) including low-altitude airdrop.

A prototype of the finished product is tested by likely target populations under conditions simulating expected use. Thus, your safety as the buyer and/or consumer is guaranteed.

The high energy compact food bar does not contain any sensitive ingredients that would limit its intended use for diverse populations.

Nutrient Information

Energy: The high energy compact food bar is designed to meet the daily average calorie needs of the human body (2,100-kcal)

Moisture content: The moisture content in each energy bar does not go higher than 9.5 percent. Water activity is lesser than 0.6.

Protein content: The protein content in every kit is designed to be between 63 to 80 g/2,100-kcal unit (8 to 9 g/bar. The protein also has a minimum Protein Digestibility-Corrected Amino Acid Score of 1.0.

Lipids: The lipid content for the Survive Mode high energy food kit has a weight minimum of 22 percent (approximately 40 percent of kcal, 82 to 105 g/2,100 kcal unit, or 9 to 12 g/bar). The lipids are not sourced from animal-based products like lard, or other animal fats.

Carbohydrates: The caloric density is carefully made to be between 233 and 250 kcal/50 g bar (2,100 kcal/unit).

Vitamins and minerals: Every food bar gives you the required amount of multivitamins in a daily balanced diet.

Additives: Every ingredient used in the high energy bars is in accordance with the law. No harmful additives are used in this product.

The Survive mode high energy compact food bar is tested and subjected to environments that exhibit a wide range, including extremes, of temperature and humidity, and to delivery conditions that will often be characterized by lack of infrastructure. Consequently, all packaging components are capable of withstanding temperature and physical abuse. In addition, the high energy food kits can be delivered using all modes of transportation, including airdrop.

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Peanut, Chocolate, Multivitamin