It’s fair to say 2020 will go down in history as a defining year. Be it Australian bushfires, a COVID-19 pandemic, locusts infesting Africa, or a global movement fighting for racial justice, things havefelt – well – apocalyptic. And with no idea what 2020 has in store for us next, it’s time to prepare for any eventuality.

Enter, survivalists, whose time is now. For years they’ve touted the benefits of building bunkers, stockpiling supplies, and learning a form of self-defence. And in these uncertain times, we think they’re onto something.

It’s not too late to join them. Wherever you are – on a scale of ‘Bear Grylls has nothing on me’ to ‘I ate a multivitamin once’ – we’ve got you covered. Because this blog is going to take a deep dive into the number one rule of survival:


Reasons to consider bug out survival gear

If 2020 hasn’t convinced you to take stock (literally) of your surroundings, then consider what other situations might require a bug out bag.

• A fuel crisis, which would hinder travel and the ease in which we can buy food
• Environmental disasters, especially with the current global climate crisis
• Another pandemic, which might be more deadly
• Complications whilst doing extreme sports in remote locations
• Potential mountaineering accidents or hiking injuries
• Any other unexpected anomaly

In all these scenarios, a bug out bag is the difference between fighting for survival and beating the odds.

Benefits of a bug out bag

Amidst all the panic buying, food rationing and medicine shortages, putting together the ultimate bug out bag is Apocalypse Prep: 101. As it condenses life’s essentials into something you can carry around with you, it’s one of the best ways to prepare for the worst.

You don’t have to stop at just one bug out bag, either. Keeping a few survival kits handy, such as in your car, under the stairs and/or in your attic means you’ll be ready for any type of emergency.
Other benefits include:

• Quick evacuation in the event of a disaster
• Peace of mind during uncertain times
• Higher chances of survival should the worst happen
• Better health and safety measures
• No need to panic-buy in times of crisis

Survival bug out bag list

So, now we’ve covered why survival bug out bags are a worthy investment, we’re going to discuss what items go inside one.

First, there are a few key elements to consider.

1. Where do you live? E.g. Somewhere with a high altitude, a risk of flooding, bushfires or hurricanes?
2. What hazards are you most likely to encounter? Your bug out bag needs to serve your unique needs in an emergency. Contingency plan before buying supplies.
3. What survival situation do you want to prepare for? Are you an adventurer, homeowner affected by environmental issues, or someone looking to prepare for the worst? Consider your unique needs before making any purchases.
4. Do you have any medical requirements? Remember that most medications have a sell by date, so be sure to make a note of when they stop working and replenish your supplies as needed.

Now we’ve covered the basics, let’s look at some items worth considering.

• Long-life food kits
• Water purification tablets
• Environmental protective equipment (e.g. waterproofs)
• Fire starting kit
• Sleeping gear (e.g. tent and ground mat)
• First aid kit
• Soap and toilet paper
• Bottled water (refresh often)
• A robust multitool
• Ziplock bags
• Local area maps
• Important personal documents
• Batteries
• Torch
• Navigation kit
• Pepper spray

When choosing your items, the trick is to prioritise the essentials. Food and water is fundamental, so stock up on bottled water and long-life products such as survive mode’s energy bars first. When it comes to heavier items, think multi-purpose tools and collapsible accessories. Save space and condense items as much as possible to make full use of your bug out bag.

Survive mode energy bars

We’re living in uncertain times, with no sign of things changing while we adapt to the ‘new normal.’Not only has COVID-19 forced us to rethink the way we interact, it’s forced the average household to consider their chances of survival in the event of another wave. Securing our futures by stocking up on essential items is par for the course, while staving off the threat of hunger has become an ever-present concern.

To combat this, Survive Mode developed their domestic high energy bars to meet increased demand.Ready to eat, their high nutrient content and long shelf-life makes them ideal additions to any survival bug out bag. They come in a range of flavours, such as peanut and chocolate, while their multi-vitamin bars are vegetarian and vegan friendly. What’s more, they offer discounted and bespoke family packages, which give you peace of mind without the financial stress. And considering they last 20 years, it’s an investment that pays for itself.

I will survive

When faced with the end of the world, all we can do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best. We hope we never have to use our bug out bag or eat survival energy bars, but knowing we can makes the prospect less daunting. Afterall, we can only control what’s in our control: the rest is up to whoever forced 2020 upon us. But at least we know that whatever comes next, we’re ready.