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In a disaster, you’re dependent on emergency food supplies for survival. But stockpiling takes up valuable space and the shelflife of bulk items can be short.

That’s why you need compact food to be prepared for all events.

What is compact survival food?

Compact food is a great solution when you need high energy nutrition. With a shelf life of 20 years or more, these compact vitamin dense bars are ideal for use in natural disasters and emergencies.

And we’re not just talking pandemics – survival food is ideal in any adventure situation where an emergency energy shot is essential.

Quick and easy to use, survival foods with long shelf life are a great way to consolidate your other emergency supplies. Whether you’re in lockdown or at the mercy of the elements, compact survival food helps you keep calm, stress-free and well-nourished.

Prepping Your Emergency Food Supply

Natural disasters from floods to pandemics usually hit with no warning. It’s recommended that you have emergency supplies for at least three days but what should you buy in for an emergency?

What your body craves in an emergency is high energy and high protein food that provides an instant hit of calories. In a pandemic, you also need vitamin-rich to support your health. Emergency survival food kits are long-lasting, easy to store and pack the calorie hit you need in a crisis.

Alongside your compact prepper food kits stock up with canned vegetables, soups and fish plus dry pasta and noodles. These provide additional essential protein, carbs, nutrients and vitamins.

Bringing Certainty to an Uncertain World

At Survive Mode we specialise in the best survival food bars available. Enriched with essential nutrients and vitamins they’re ideal endurance food for adventure and emergencies.

With a shelf life of 20 years and a compact footprint, you can buy now and enjoy the security of being prepared for emergencies over the next two decades. Shop now and make sure you can weather the next storm.