What happens when the power goes out? If your idea of being ready for any emergency is to stock the freezer then you need to rethink your survival strategy.

Compact survival food is the foundation of your emergency food stores. But knowing how to use primitive survival food storage methods could be the best survival skill you ever learn.

Alongside your compact survival food your home-cured, salted and dried meat and vegetables are critical for emergency survival. The techniques aren’t difficult to learn and will help to make your compact survival food stocks last longer.


Salting is one of the oldest methods of preserving food. Traditionally used for fish, meat and vegetables, salting is a great way to store food for years. You can dry salt meat and fish or use a brine to pickle and preserve fruit and vegetables.


Another ancient preservation method, smoking is a highly reliable method of preserving meat and fish for several months. It’s not a difficult skill to master and just about anything can be used as a smoker. Brine the meat or fish first before hanging in the smoke until it dries out.


You can either dry your food in an oven or naturally out in the sun. Drying helps to drive moisture out and prevent food from decaying and causing food poisoning. Dried fruit, pemmican and hardtack biscuits are all useful provisions alongside your compact survival food stocks.

Be prepared for any emergency

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